NRCDV knows that domestic violence is preventable and ending domestic violence takes vision.

WE PROMISE to lead boldly in centering and amplifying voices of survivors and traditionally marginalized communities. 

WE PROMISE to make you feel Valued, Inspired, Equipped, and Informed, in each and every interaction you have with NRCDV. 

WE PROMISE to provide opportunities to make you feel Invested and Connected in the movement to end domestic violence

Nrcdv knows that domestic violence is preventable and ending domestic violence takes vision.


NRCDV leads boldly by centering and amplifying the voices of survivors, especially those most marginalized and oppressed. We are committed to developing and executing innovative, visionary strategies that address the root causes of domestic violence and that create real change at the individual, community, systems, and societal levels. We believe in the power of individuals, families, and communities to heal and thrive.

The strategies and approaches we promote are:NRCDV Core Values: collaboration, feminist principles, survivor centered, integrity, humanity for all, social justice

  • survivor-centered,
  • asset-based,
  • culturally responsive,
  • trauma-informed, and
  • collaborative.

Through our work, we promise to offer space and opportunity for everyone to feel invested in and connected to the movement to end domestic violence.


NRCDV’s mission is to strengthen and transform efforts to end domestic violence.


NRCDV strives to be a trusted national leader and sustainable organization, renowned for innovation, multi-disciplinary approaches and a commitment to ensuring that policy, practice and research is grounded in and guided by the voices and experiences of domestic violence survivors and advocates.

Core Value

Feminist Principles, Humanity for All, Integrity, Social Justice, Survivor Centered, Collaboration


Through its key initiatives and special projects, NRCDV works to improve community response to domestic violence and, ultimately, prevent its occurrence. Our comprehensive technical assistancetraining and resource development are a few examples of the many ways in which NRCDV broadly serves those dedicated to ending domestic violence in relationships and communities.


Empowerment Principles


NRCDV is a group of individuals collectively responsible for ensuring that we are an empowerment-based, anti-racist organization. As an organization, we strive to dismantle individual, institutional, and cultural racism together. Our Empowerment Principles reflect this commitment and articulate our accountability to ourselves, each other, and our organization as a whole.


Racial Justice Initiative


The Racial Justice Initiative was established to center racial equity in our work to end gender-based violence. The Racial Justice Initiative has helped NRCDV understand that in order to truly end domestic violence, we must address all of the systems that generate and sustain it, and that working in solidarity across issues of justice is the only way to bring about meaningful social change.

Our commitment to racial equity has significantly shifted what our work looks like. Principles of racial equity and justice inform the content and substance of what we distribute to the field, as well as how we model what it means to integrate these practices into movement work. We have also invested in approaches that build the capacity of other organizations to engage in these approaches.

NRCDV has adopted the "NRCDV STANDS" statement which affirms that we stand with individuals and groups who have been targeted, degraded, threatened or marginalized because they are Native Americans, people of color, immigrants, women, Muslims, LGBTQ, or people with disabilities, and that we stand against white supremacy, racism, misogyny, anti-Semitism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, and all other forms of structural oppression.


A paved winding road snakes across the page. At multiple places along the road there are text boxes and images marking important events in NRCDV's two year journey in their racial justice initiative.