The ACE-DV Leadership Forum is comprised of advocates in the movement to end gender based violence who identify as having experienced domestic violence in childhood. The Leadership Forum was established to amplify the voices and experiences of ACE-DV to enhance our work to end domestic violence.


To Center Humanity as Healing


We envision a movement that includes the perspectives and priorities of ACE-DV in the provision of services, the development of policies, the direction of research, and the general approach to effectively address and prevent domestic violence.


  1. Promote the leadership of ACE-DV within the movement to end domestic violence and beyond.
  2. Provide technical assistance, training, and guidance related to this issue.
  3. Support the development of trauma-informed, culturally-responsive, asset-based research and information to influence policy and practice impacting children exposed.

Read more about the Purpose, Goals, and Beliefs of the ACE-DV Leadership Forum (Updated April 2016).


Members of the ACE-DV Leadership Forum are available to provide technical assistance and training, serve as project advisors, write or review materials, and for consultation on the development of research, programs, and policies that may impact the lives of children exposed to domestic violence.

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Training: Lessons from Child Survivors: Supporting the Healing and Resilience of Children and Parents who Experience Domestic Violence through an Intersectional Lens (October 2021)

Speaker's Guide: From the Front of the Room: Sharing Your Childhood Story of Domestic Violence (December 2017)

Webinar Series:

Special Collection: Fostering Resilience, Respect & Healthy Growth in Childhood and Beyond (July 2016)

TA Guidance Document: Responding to the Long-term Needs of Adult Children Exposed to Domestic Violence: Exploring the connection to suicide risk (April 2016)